Saturday, December 1, 2012

Vulture Takes Bath at VINS

In the video posted below, one of VINS' turkey vultures -- a female bird who is a star in many of VINS' programs -- enjoys a bath indoors on a cold November day. 

She was originally found in South Dakota after she was struck by a car when just a young bird. She sustained a fractured wing from the accident and also suffered frostbite in several of her toes. She now resides at VINS, where she has both an outdoor and indoor enclosure, plenty of food, mealworm treats, and of course, bath play time! Enjoy our video below of our special bird.


  1. How cool, what a neat thing to watch the vulture bathing!

  2. Oggie!! I love her so much! She is the CUTEST!

  3. I just adopted a turkey vulture and it is so fun to see these pics.