Friday, September 28, 2012

Time for Lunch, Little Owl

This barred owl is not feeling so great. He was found standing in the middle of a road last week, unable to fly. We treated the bird for head trauma (we are pretty sure he was struck by a car), but he's still a little dopey. 

Watch a video of this owl being fed!

When the owl first arrived into our care, he was a bit dehydrated, so we gave him fluids orally for several days. But now the owl must eat on his own; it's important the birds in our care maintain a healthy weight. We left several mice in his enclosure the past few nights, but he has been unwilling to eat on his own. So we're helping him out by hand-feeding him mouse meals.

In the above two photos, the owl is hand-fed small mice.
Hopefully, the owl will continue to feel better, and will begin eating on his own soon. We want to return this raptor back into the wild -- where he belongs!


  1. Is it possible he lost his mate? I've heard that owls can become very depressed if they lose their mates.

  2. thanks for sharing.