Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Knockin' Away

What would the woods be without woodpeckers? Terribly boring! Woodpeckers -- with their high-pitched cackles and persistent knocking on trees, homes and metal frames -- keep the forests and neighborhoods rockin'.

We recently received a fledgling downy woodpecker -- about 4 weeks old -- into our care. The young DOWO (abbreviation for downy woodpecker) was struck by a car, and presented with head trauma.

some rest and a bit of medication, the DOWO has made a full recovery. But since he's still a youngster, we're hand-feeding him on the hour as his mom would in the wild. We've also given him a small log stuffed with a protein-packed combo of peanut butter and meal worms -- a woodpecker favorite! He'll be released to the wild once he's a bit older and more self-sufficient.

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