Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Does It Get Any Cuter?

The answer is no. It does not get any cuter than a ruffed grouse chick.

This time of year -- if you're lucky -- you may see a female ruffed grouse with her chicks in tow. Spotting a ruffed grouse chick or two tip-toeing with mom through the woods of Vermont is a sight for sore eyes. Ruffed grouse chicks are just about the cutest thing around. See for yourself in our photos, featuring two orphaned chicks currently in our care.

One grouse came in after a passer-by saw the baby's mom and siblings succumb to the deadly wheels of a moving truck, while the other was found wandering alone in a person's yard -- no grouse mom in sight. We'll care for these orphans until they are ready to return to wild on their own. Photos by VINS intern Noreen Slavin.


  1. Post a video to your YouTube channel!

  2. We saw a mama Grouse and her chicks during a horseback ride way up in the woods on the south side of the Lamoille River behind the town of Johnson. The mom was in the trail, then darted off to the side and we heard her calling out danger and the little guys running around. Awesome!

  3. We got one of these cuties in where I volunteer from a person who decribed her as a red tail hawk nestling. We all got a laugh about that.

  4. They are so chubby they look as though they were stufed toys. Keep up the great job girls!